“Maria is a 5-star person and photo retoucher. We trust her wholeheartedly with our photos and with our clients and recommend her to everybody. Her talent and integrity are unmatched and it's an absolute pleasure to work with her time and time again.” - Sylvia Hendershott, Creative Partner of Adam Hendershott, Photographer


“Maria is a fantastic retoucher. Her excellent eye and attention to detail have elevated my photography. The creative partnership between a photographer and retoucher is crucial to my work and I feel lucky to have that partnership with Maria.” - Andrew Stiles, Photographer


"Maria has been my main retoucher for much of my commercial photo work, she is very talented and we have had a great working relationship. I highly recommend her. Maria has a vast understanding of how to take a great photo and make it even better. Something most retouchers do not understand." - Chris Fortuna, Photographer


"Maria is one of the fastest and most proficient retoucher that I work with regularly. She has all kinds of solutions, tricks and skills and provides a super fast turnaround. She is very talented especially with hair and skin and beauty and cosmetics and diamonds!!!" - Wendy Hope, Photographer


"I have really loved working with Maria for my re-touching needs. She is extremely prompt, professional, and listened to my needs, and delivered a product that WAY exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for taking my work to a whole new level!" - Michelle Moore, Photographer


"I recently had the opportunity to use Maria's retouching skills and was blown away with what she was able to do." - Kip Beelman, Photographer


"Maria did an amazing job on re-touching my first look-book. She is amazingly skilled and knowledgeable. I would have happily worked with her again if she would have remained in LA." - Yael, Clothing Designer


"Maria is a rare combination of being a technically astute Photoshop wiz, and a talented artist as well. She has worked in the fashion industry doing magazine covers for the best. If she can make it there, she can solve your needs easily. You'll thank yourself for hiring Maria." - Keith Brofsky, Photographer


"Maria is a highly skilled and efficient Photoshop professional. She has the ability to foresee problems with an image, works to bring that to the clients’ attention and takes the steps improve the quality of the work she does. She is personable and it has been a pleasure to work on projects with her." - Matt Talbott, Pre-Press Retoucher


"Maria is a well-qualified, talented photo retoucher. She regularly meets and exceeds our expectations. Her skill level allows her to work on our highest profile, most challenging accounts. That, along with her exceptional attitude is what makes her a highly regarded colleague." - Ron, Partner, Imagine Color Service